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    Ubuntu shouldn't delete windows. You should have had an option as to where to install ubuntu, free disk space on the hard drive is usually suggested. You will generally get a recommendation during the install. One of the options is to use the whole disk and if you selected that, it's a big problem. I would suggest that you run the command "fdisk -l" (without quotes) as root user and post the output here. There is also a file under the /boot/grub directory - menu.lst. If you can post the output here it would be helpful.

    You can download SuperGrubDisk Super Grub Disk Webpage: Home Page and use it to boot ubuntu or vista. This is a temporary fix and you'll have to use the cd every time you boot to get these options until you get correct entries in your Grub boot file (the menu.lst file I referred to above).

    First thing, post the results I asked for above so we know your set up and someone can help you.

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    See I tried to choose.. cuz i did divide my hard into 2 parts.. one of them is about 230 or something the other one is 10 ... so .. i did divide it .. but .. when i started installing .. i couldnt choose which part to place it in .. i saw options ..i saw the 2 parts.. but then .. when i clicked on it. . it just gave me some properties or something .. i just basically couldnt choose the 10gb part to place the Ubuntu in it .. and i heard of programs .. that are just simply installed (i have no idea if theyre WS or BIOS type ..) but they allow you to choose which OS to boot .. at the very starting of the Bios ... and .. i dont really wanna play with this machine .. because ill get killed so severely by my brother . lol .. but .. ill definitely try to play on my laptop .. (cuz its my own .. )

    Tnx again everyone

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