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    Grub not loading after installing REDHAT 9


    I am new to linux environment. I've a new Hard-Disk. I installed WinXP on that by making a primary partition ("C" drive), and further partitions as FAT as extended partitions on WinXP OS. There's around 17GB left on the Hard-Disk on which I want to install Linux RedHat 9 for Desktop PC (Desktop installation). I booted the system with bootable linux RedHat9 cd, and chosed automatic package installation (minimal recommended). After the installation is over and the system goes for a reboot, then on rebooting, the window comes as "Grub loading...Stage2"..........and after few minutes Iam getting the Grub prompt "GRUB>........" menitioning grub version and "Grub is having minimal editing options".......

    I created below partitions for Linux RedHat9, during installation:
    / -- root partition of 6000 MB of type ext3
    /boot -- of 128 MB of type ext3
    /home -- of 5000 MB of type ext3
    /usr -- of 5000 MB of type ext3
    /swap -- of 384 MB

    My System's Config:
    Compaq, Pentium III, Processor 1GB (999 MB), RAM - 192 MB
    Hard-Disk (seagate 160GB IDE)

    Iam not getting the dual booting window after the reboot, where I can select which OS i can select to start with. Might be, something is not loading correctly or I am missing something that's why the GRUB is not coming up properly for me.

    Kindly help me if you have any ideas, to get this resolved..
    Any help or idea will be highly appreciated....

    Thanks in advance
    Pawan Sangal

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    I think you should consider getting rid of Red Hat 9 because its very old and has not been supported for several years now. For your hardware, try the XFCE version of Fedora or Xubuntu. Most modern distros will automatically detect Windows and create the appropriate grub entry. If you want to try other distros, I suggest you do a memory upgrade because some distros need at least 256MB or ram.

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    I also have a 20GB hard-disk with redhat 9 having dual booting for windows & linux. But, at present its infected with virus on windows OS. So, I decided to have a new hard-disk and install both OS on that new one. On that Hard-disk its working just fine.....grub shows the screen for selecting either Windows OS or Linux RH9 OS......

    Don't know why its not working this time with new Hard-disk........

    however, I'm thinking to upgrade my physical RAM from 192MB to 1GB. But, I don't anticipate that by upgrading the RAM, grub will work properly.

    Let's give it a try...Thanks

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