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    Cannot Boot into GRUB2 (Madriva) Grub Error 2

    GNU/Grub is launching GRUB2 and calling existing GRUB Grub-legacy. Mandriva is on the bleeding edge with 2008 Spring.
    I installed Mandriva (got Grub2) then I used set-up to get back to my usual menu.lst etc only to find Mandriva is locked out behind a Grub Error2. Seems the new grub does not have stage 1.5 grub-legacy refuses to boot the OS without it.
    The obvious answer is to put Mandriva on a Grub-legacy diet.
    Here is what worked on two PCs.
    Boot my old Linux, empty a partition (call it and mount it.
    cp -a /Mandriva.old/* /
    delete /
    copy /MyoldOS/boot/grub to /
    Add the stanza to menu.lst and it boots Mandriva via grub-legacy.
    Here is my puzzle.
    If I just copy /MyoldOS/boot/grub to /Mandira.old/boot it will not boot! I still get Error 2.
    When I run grub-install to /Mandriva.old/boot I get a
    "file /Mandriva.old/boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly"
    and it still will not boot. It only works after a "cp -a" into a new partition!?!
    Anyone know the answer to the puzzle?

    Two more clues.
    1. I see bug reports talking about inode sizes. I don't know what they're talking about. Could it be that "cp -a" drops the new larger inode size down to the older size and all is well?
    2. I saw one person saying they solved it with chainloading like for Windows.
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