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    Multiboot ubuntu w/ xp

    hi im just trying to install xp on my linux laptop, but it always fails. II try to install at startup when it first turns on but my drive reads disk but my hd doesnt turn on till after i exit out. I tried deleting Linux completely but all that did was leave Grubb 1.5 with error 22 (i think). With linux partition still on and logged on xp installation starts but stops and will not respond and i have trouble closing it. I cant install xp but can install linux and with all partitions deleted linux still leaves behind something so i cant install xp. Can anyone help?

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    The problem is that you are deleting all the linux partitions, including the one containing the boot information. If you haven't deleted the windows partition, you should boot your computer with the xp in the drive, chose the option to repair your installation, and type "fixmbr" at the command line.

    This will fix the Master Boot Record (MBR), so that it boots directly into windows.
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    thing is i deleted the partitions because i couldnt figure out what to do. I tried google and the search bar on these forums but they were all for windows beings installed still. I am reinstalling for a third time (second because i deleted something i shouldnt have) and since i thought i could use alcohol 120% and my games on wine i deleted vista. I switched because i had malware, ect (one of them and i was lightly infiltrated but i couldnt find it so i reformatted my hardrive with linux completely.

    UPDATE: Alright ubuntu 8.04 is now back on my laptop and now ill put my files back on. (about 30-40 gigs)

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