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    Can't find installed programs?

    I downloaded the source code for xine and installed it from the terminal with the ./configure command, everything worked great. Now for the sad part,, I can't find it. For example when you install something in windows its installed to the directory C\Program Files\program_name and can also be found in the start menu listed under programs. Is there something similar like that within fedora.

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    No there isn't one directory, nor are applications kept in their own discrete directories. this is because in Linux libraries are shared for efficiency so it doesn't really make sense to have everything segregated. Binaries are in bin directories - /usr/bin/ , /usr/local/bin , /sbin/ , /usr/sbin etc. depending on their role in the system. Libraries are kept in a similar manner in lib directories.

    If you are looking to uninstall xine you can go to the directory you installed it from and run .
    make uninstall
    the same way you ran make install

    With regards to a shortcut, one should have been placed on your menu if you installed the graphical xine frontend otherwise it is just a set of libraries for other applications to use...Kaffeine, Amarok and Totem all use Xine as their backend.

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    thanks for that, it's becoming clearer. cheers

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    I'd be crippled if I didn't have "locate." That's the easiest way for me to locate files and directories in Linux, just installed and otherwise. From the command line as su:
    This may take a while. Afterwards:
    locate xine
    ...which will show you where everything related to xine was installed. The "executable" for xine is likely in /usr/bin. From the command line as regular user, run it by doing:
    For more on locate, do:
    man [s]locate
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    Locate is brilliant! It makes looking things in Windows look stupid! In less than one second it'll find your file, whereas in Windows it can take tens of minutes. The only drawback is that you have to update it from time to time. You can also use the find command, but it's longer and isn't so good for your disk.
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