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    help with installing sam linux

    I'd like to install sam linux as a dual boot with vista but i won't be using the vista partition. Anyhoo I tried booting up with a Sam Linux cd and it starts to load up but then gives an error about not being able to mount image on hard drive and then i need to hard boot. An ideas on how i can get into it so i can install?

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    Welcome to the forums darkstealthmaster!

    I suggest you first of all backup user data and then either use Vista disk tool or the PartedMagic CD to resize the Windows partition to make room for your Linux install ... according to the wiki 8GB is recommended, I suggest you free up 10GB if you can ... are you using the LiveCD option (see wiki) to boot rather than safe mode?

    You should then try to run the install program, I would expect a guided option which allows you to keep your Windows system and dual boot. Be careful when running through the install process that you don't select use whole disk or over-write Windows ... if you are offered a choice of bootloader then select Grub rather than LILO

    By the way ... if you have a machine which is capable of booting Vista then you should really be able to install other Linux distros like PCLinuxOS (which SAM Linux is based on), this might be a better place to start ...

    Hope this helps.

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    hi. I am just trying to boot live to check it all works first but it won't even do that. I have tried on another pc and it does the same. Do i need to free up the space first before booting live? or did i get a bad burn? I didn't think it would be a bad burn if it booted up to menu

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    Use the media check option on the boot menu the wiki refers to. Bad CD burn is the cause of quite a few problems ... make sure you check the md5sum after download and burn at minimum speed.

    You should not need to free up disk space for a live CD session ... the only exception to this would be if you had very little RAM and swap space was needed ... but since you are running Vista on the same machine that should not be a problem !

    Try some of the boot options like nopcmcia etc ... you can usually get a list of these by pressing F1 or something at the boot menu screen. For other startup parameters that might work try the PCLinuxOS wiki as well.

    As I said in my previous reply I would expect a machine capable of running Vista to be able to run quite a few distros. If you are still struggling then you could try something else with better support available now.

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