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    Can LinuxInstall onLogical Partion D of 5GB


    I am writing again this time i will try to mademy self more clear.

    I have 40 GB Harddisk.

    C = 10 Gb, and it has win98SE
    D = 5 Gb, and it is empty
    E = 5 Gb, it has my data
    F = 5 Gb, it has my brother data
    G = 5 Gb, it has Mixed family data
    H = 5 Gb, it has multimedia
    I = 5 Gb, it has Misc. stuff

    C is primary and bootable other are extended logical.

    I want to install linux on D. What should I Do can any body tell me the detail procedure of partitioning.

    Please Help.

    Best Regards
    Mahir Ali Ahmed

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    Linux wouldn't mind where you install it. However, Windows and Solaris should be in a primary partition, BSD system is required in primary partition. I forgot either NetBSD or OpenBSD requires to be install in first 8 G of your hard drive.

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    got nothing


    Thanks for reply, Whatever you told me i didn't get it how am i going to have that space in primary partition actually i am nill at partitianing.

    Please help in more details.

    Mahir Ali Ahmed

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    Hmm, I don't know whether the fact that its extended logical matters or not, but if it DOES NOT, read on....

    If you are saying that you have absolutely nothing on the D: drive? If that's the case (or you can move everything off), then all it takes is to get a liveCD installer (or something similar) (basically, a cd that uses you RAM as a harddrive, so you can work with your hard disk), you should be able to select which partition to use, and I believe that most Linux installers have the ability to see ntfs and/or fat32 and/or fat. In this case, you should just switch that drive, using the Linux installer, over to Linux, and install everything on there. You should be able to mess around within the partition with the linux installer.

    Short answer: if there's nothing on D:, then partition using your Linux installer's instructions, using D: as a the partition (probably something like /dev/hda3 or something...)

    hope that helps

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    New Hard Drive


    I have bought new harddrive and installed RedHAt Linux 7.1 now I am having problem in installing my Modem which is US Robotics WinModem 56k PCI.

    Need help in that.

    Mahir Ali Ahmed

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