Im using Linux. Im newbie beginner.

I need Macro Recorder Programs, with Mouse and Keyboard movements record and playback.

I was using JITBIT Macro recorder on Windows XP.
Now I not found macro recorder programs for linux.

But I found programs JWF-Relic1
I m download this source code, Can not install?

Download links SourceForge.net: Files

Folder content:

I dont know installing on console.
Installing JW_Record_Playback (version 04; date 10-Jun-2007)

Pre-install on Ubuntu 7.04 (Linux: tested on Ubuntu 7.04, Python 2.8, WxPython 2.8.0, Tcl/Tk 8.4)
- Install Python (Version 2.
- Install wxPython (Version 2.8.0)
- Install Tcl/Tk (version 8.4)

Install JW-Record-Playback
--- Install JW-Record-Playback by extracting JW_Record_Playback_04a.tar.gz in /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback: save Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04.py (or Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04ts.py (see troubeshooting)) in /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback and a picture file with the name Mountain_View.jpg is expected in subdirectory /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/Out (you can use your own file and copy it to /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/Out/Mountain_View.jpg).

Installation TkExt (a the copy of the file as can be downloaded from the web is included in the package JW_Record_Playback: TkXext-3.6.11.tar.bz2):
--- Install TkExt in /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback/TkXext-3.6.11.
--- Unzip the file TkXext-3.6.11.tar.bz2 in folder /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback with ark.
--- Copy build.conf to /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback/TkXext-3.6.11 (you will overwrite the original build.conf of the file file TkXext-3.6.11.tar.bz2)
--- Copy JWM_RP_00.tab to /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback/TkXext-3.6.11
--- start a terminal screen
---- cd /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback/TkXext-3.6.11 => you will go to the TkExt-3.6.11 directory
---- tclsh build.tcl => you will build the record application TkXext.record.bin and the dynamic library playback TkXext.so.
--- Add Load "record" to /etc/11/xorg.conf (edit as root; the file is /etc/X11/xorg.conf; make a backup-copy before editing, so you can later restore as root in case of an error needing a failsafe startup !!!).
--- Log out en log in (KDE) to reactivate xorg.conf .
--- When checking Record ./TkXext.record.bin > t5.t5 the script is created.
--- When checking Playback with wish playback.tcl t5.t5 should be OK now.
--- Possibly you have to chang build.conf to reflect your current configuration:
----- Locate libtclstub to get the directory of libtclstub8.4.a => change this as the directory in stead of TCL_STUB_LIB
----- Locate libtkstub to get the directory of libtkstub8.4.a => change this as the directory in stead of TK_STUB_LIB
--- tclsh build.tcl possibly still can have errors.
--- Change build.conf to reflect the current configuration:
---- locate tcl.h to get an extra include dir => add this directory to the directories in the line with INCLUDE.
--- tclsh build.tcl should be succesfull now.

- The TkExt application is assumed to be in /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback/JW_Record_Playback/TkXext-3.6.11
(if you want a different path, please change the file Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04.py).

- start a terminal screen
- cd /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback
- python Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04ts.py (possibly the setting of the pythonpath is needed e.g., export PYTHONPATH=.)
- you can also make a menu-item containing:
-- Name JW_Record_Playback
-- Command: export PYTHONPATH=.;cd /home/wijnenjl/Documents/tools/JW_record_Playback;python Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04ts.py

- On ubuntu testing, it appeared, that after a playback the keyboard seemed to need an extra sequence of keystrokes (<ALT><CTRL-c>CTRL-c>CTRL-c>CTRL-c>CTRL-c>CTRL-c>CTRL-c> or <ALT-F9><ALT-F7>) before it reacted normal again; for this reason the file Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04ts.py has been created to fix this problem by concatenating the file JWM_RP_00.tab from the directory /home/wijnenjl/Documents/Tools/TkXext/TkXext-3.6.11 when saving a recorded macro.
- If it turns out in your specific configuration that another keystroke sequence is needed, you can record it and replace your key-sequence in JWM_RP_00.tab when using Rec_Play_03_direct_save_get_04ts.py,

Operation Testing:
- Now you should be able to start and record and playback macro's; also check the file TESTING for details.

Performance Testing:
- The main usage of macro's is in retesting applications; the playback will save a lot of work in long repetitive testing sessions.
- When macro's have been recorded, they can be used for playback and save work in monotonous activities.
- The macro's can also be used in training sessions to show inexperienced users how to execute certain functions in other applications.

What is the required Components this program? (Python, Wxvindow, I dont know about)

And How to Can I installing this program from Source Code.
Im beginner,
or Your Recomend different Macro recorder Program.