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    Problem in LiveCD in Knoppix?

    I downloaded Knoppix 17-5-2004 version.After burning successfully and booting from CD, it started Live CD then it said,
    Looking for CDROM in: /dev/scd0 then scanned something and said,
    Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, Sorry Dropping you to a (very limited) shell.
    Press reset button to quit.
    Please help me why is this happening? !

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    Jul 2003
    You managed to burn it but maybe it is corrupt, Download your versions .iso.md5 from here. I now assume you have a working Windows machine so download a md5 hasher like this one (Not used/tested it sorry) run it and use it to create a hash of the knoppix iso file then compare the hash from the program to the hash in the .iso.md5 file, Then if they dont match your file is corrupt. HTH

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    Well I downloaded Karen's Hasher.For the Knoppix.iso when I computed I got the hash as 7EE0382655ABF194AA300A98100CACDE
    Then Should I also have to compute the hash for that .md5 file or just compare that value with that .iso hash value?
    When I opened that .md5 with notepad the value was,
    7ee0382655abf194aa300a98100cacde *KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN.iso
    But when I pasted this value into that text window and clicked on compute tha value was DC45CECCB080323CB0CB0B6455A4FB4A
    And status for both was OK. So anything wrong?

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    Its the hash inside the .md5 file and seems to me they match so we know the iso is not corrupt

    Yours -> 7EE0382655ABF194AA300A98100CACDE
    Theres ->7ee0382655abf194aa300a98100cacde

    But i found this when searching the error Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem it suggests switching off DMA.

    at Boot type: Knoppix nodma
    source ->

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