Hi all, i get this error when i try and make setup anope irc services.

(cd lang ; make 'CFLAGS=-pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic' 'CC=gcc' 'ANOPELIBS=-lnsl -lresolv  -ldl' 'LDFLAGS=' 'BINDEST=' 'INSTALL=/usr/bin/install' 'INCLUDEDIR=../include' 'RM=/bin/rm' 'CP=/bin/cp' 'TOUCH=/usr/bin/touch' 'SHELL=/bin/sh' 'DATDEST=' 'RUNGROUP=' 'MODULE_PATH=' 'RDB=' 'MYSQL=' 'SHARED=-shared' 'MODULEFLAGS=-fPIC -DPIC -shared' all language.h ; )
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/user/anope-1.7.21/lang'
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic langcomp.c -o langcomp
grep '^[A-Z]' en_us.l >index
./langcomp cat.l
./langcomp de.l
./langcomp en_us.l
./langcomp es.l
./langcomp fr.l
./langcomp gr.l
./langcomp hun.l
./langcomp it.l
./langcomp nl.l
./langcomp pl.l
./langcomp pt.l
./langcomp ru.l
./langcomp tr.l
Generating language.h... 1684 strings
cp language.h ../include
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user/anope-1.7.21/lang'
(cd include ; make 'CFLAGS=-pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic' 'CC=gcc' 'ANOPELIBS=-lnsl -lresolv  -ldl' 'LDFLAGS=' 'BINDEST=' 'INSTALL=/usr/bin/install' 'INCLUDEDIR=../include' 'RM=/bin/rm' 'CP=/bin/cp' 'TOUCH=/usr/bin/touch' 'SHELL=/bin/sh' 'DATDEST=' 'RUNGROUP=' 'MODULE_PATH=' 'RDB=' 'MYSQL=' 'SHARED=-shared' 'MODULEFLAGS=-fPIC -DPIC -shared' )
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/user/anope-1.7.21/include'
touch services.h
sh version.sh
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/quazar/anope-1.7.21/include'
*** Building src
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/quazar/anope-1.7.21/src'
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c actions.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c base64.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c botserv.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c channels.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c chanserv.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c commands.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c compat.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c config.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c datafiles.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c encrypt.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c events.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c helpserv.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c hostserv.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c init.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c ircd.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c language.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c list.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c log.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c mail.c
gcc -pipe -g -O2 -export-dynamic -I../include/ -c main.c
main.c:37: error: ‘SERVICES_DIR’ undeclared here (not in a function)
main.c: In function ‘services_restart’:
main.c:257: error: ‘SERVICES_BIN’ undeclared (first use in this function)
main.c:257: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
main.c:257: error: for each function it appears in.)
make[1]: *** [main.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user/anope-1.7.21/src'
make: *** [build] Error 2
I just updated to etch last night and i've been installing things that i needed to compile and make executables. What do i need in this case? Thanx in advance!