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    Simplifying a Complicated Arrangement

    Over time, my system has morphed into a rather complicated arrangement, which I'd like to simplify. Any help would be much appreciated! Here's what I have:

    C:\XP, PCLinuxOS (sda5, swap, sda7)
    D:\Vista, Ubuntu 8.04 (sdb2, swap, sdb4)

    Installation order: XP, Vista, PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu.

    Before I installed Ubuntu, my boot menu was configured with EasyBCD like this:

    When I installed Ubuntu EasyBCD wouldn't recognize Ubuntu's Grub installed to its own boot partition on the D:\ drive so I had to install it to PCLinuxOS' boot sector (sda5), where it overwrote the old Grub menu with it's own. It now presents both Linux distros and I can choose between the two.

    Boot menu now goes like this:

    Linux > then choose Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS

    My issue now is that I'd like to get rid of PCLinuxOS and keep Ubuntu, preferably moving Ubuntu's partitions to the C:\ drive. This would obviously blow away the current bootloader in sda5 and render Ubuntu unbootable and who knows what other complications would arise.

    I hope this is all clear...... Any ideas on how to simplify this whole arrangement (yes I want to keep XP/Vista!)?

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    Welcome to the forums capatt

    This may be a bit late for you now but if I understand correctly you want to install Ubuntu where you currently have PCLinuxOS. If so I suggest you do a fresh install of Ubuntu to the partitions on the drive you want and install grub to the boot partition of your new Ubuntu install. Create your user(s) as you had in your old Ubuntu install. Boot from the live CD and then mount your old and new home partitions and use cp -a to copy home folder information from old to new Ubuntu install.

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