I'm using a kickstart installation on fc5. I've used this for some time with good results. However, recently, I'm having a problem with the network setup. I have a feeling that it has something to do with a hardware change in the Panasonic CF-52 laptops we're using. By default, the network drivers don't fully support the e1000 NIC card. By that, I mean you can't use them for gigabit connections. Not a big deal for me at the moment.

Here is what we're seeing...

After installation is completed and the system is rebooted, we go in and take a look at the network settings using system-config-network. Immediately you notice that there is no eth0 listed. Under "devices" you can see the actual NIC device is recognzied. I can then create the eth0 device fine. However, I really need the eth0 device there during the %post section.

What's really odd, is that I'm not seeing any errors in the anaconda logs, etc... AND this previously worked on the CF-52s. None of the changes we've been making to the kickstart file have had anything to do with the network setup.

Here is the kickstart network line:

network --device=eth0 --bootproto=static --ip= --netmask= --onboot=on --hostname=something

Also, when checking the ifconfig, I see that there is an eth0, with the correct MAC address, but no IP was set.

I'm at a loss on this one. I think I can manually create eth0 in the start of the %post section, but I'd rather not do it that way.

Is this possibly a driver issue, where if I updated the network driver that eth0 would show up?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.