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    this is going to work... right!?!?

    Long ago when i was stupid, i partioned my HD by mistake. it was 60gb and i made it:
    C: 53gb for windows xp (jeez... i hate M$)
    D: 7gb posibly containing some old windows documents?
    i used to have winME but replaced it with winXP on my c drive and recently i decided to make use of the 7gb and install Linux Mandrake (my savior from M$) so here is what i am wondering:
    1: is my D drive big enough for Linux Mandrake 10.0 and few extra applications??
    2: If i install Mandrake 10.0 in my D drive will it delete any left over windows stuff?? (which i want it to)
    3: Before i install Mandrake can i make my D drive bigger?? and can i do it when i have linux installed???
    Thanks in advanced!

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    1. Probably, but only for a few apps.

    2. Yes, it will reformat the partition.

    3. Dunno, but I wouldn't do it that way. Defrag and reduce c: first.
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