I'm trying to get my computer to boot from a usb flash drive even though the BIOS doesn't support it (even with bios flash and directly from GRUB). I'm using kboot (a bootable kernel) which uses a 2.6.x Ubuntu kernel. I use the following commands in GRUB to boot the kernel:
kernel /boot/linux quiet usbboot=sde1 t_root=/dev/sde1 t_quiet t_splash t_autoconfigure
initrd /boot/ramdisk

And then I try to boot the usb by typing:
kboot: sde1: assuming drive cache: write through

and then kboot says:
mounting /dev/sde1 on /mnt/tmp/(memory address) -error no such directory or address

and the usb drive does not light up at all during this process

I used unetbootin for windows to format the usb for booting using an Ubuntu Hardy .iso and it works fine when I tested it on a computer that can boot from usb.

The problem I think I'm having is usbboot= (partition that contains vmlinuz) and t_root= (partition root system)

I used an xubuntu live cd (newer kernel) and the usb drive is being mounted as /dev/sde1 and when I use the partition tools it says there is only one partition (fat32) but another program finds the filesystem as unionfs and tempfs and all the other values are unknown. Does anyone know how unetbootin formats the usb drive so I can fill in the correct values in grub?