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    RH9 and wireless nic help - ripping my hair out!

    Okay. I have had redhat 9 installed for a few days now. I knew this network card would be a PITA, so I held off until I was a little more familiar with RH9.
    I am trying to get a 3com 3CRWE777A wireless nic to work in this box. Here is a pic of the card:

    Its a PCI card but it looks like its actually a PCMCIA card in a PCI adapter.
    Anyways, from what I coudl find, I believe it uses the Prism2 chip, so I got the RPMs for RH9 here:
    I ran the three RPMs and configured the settings per the instructions in the README. I then rebooted the machine to load up the new PCI driver I just installed and configured and I get the error (when initializing he Wlan):
    Starting wlan: insmod: hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.
    You may find more information in the syslog or the output from dmesg
    I then though, well, maybe because this was natively a PCMCIA card, I should use those drivers. When I installed that RPM and changed the /etc/modules.conf to call that driver, I get this error:
    starting wlan: insmod: /lib/modules/2.4.28-8/kernel/drivers/pcmcia/ds.0: inti_module: operation not permitted
    there are a few other erros that are similar to the pci error message.

    Anyways, do you all have any advice on how I can get this working? Do I need to manaully tell it what IRQ the card is using?

    Oh boy. Was getting ready to hig submit when I checked the HardWare Browser. According to this, there is a 802.11b Wireless ethernet Adapter using the driver orinoco_plx
    How do I get this thing installed? If I goto the Network Configuration app, it doesn't list the card. If I tell it "new card" it doesn't show up in any of the lists for a device that I can choose from. It also only offers eth0-eth6 and not wlan0 to configure.

    Any help/advice/walk throughs would be greatly appreciated.


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    At least for sure that is a PCI<->PCMCIA bridge card. First make sure that the PCMCIA implementation is working correctly. Be sure to have started the pcmcia service ("service pcmcia start"), and then check for the card with "cardctl ident <socket>" where <socket> is the socket number of that bridge. If you have no other PCMCIA in your system (which I guess that you haven't) that should be 0.
    If that works, work still remains to see what implementation that card uses. You should check if it uses Prism2 or Prism2.5, because as I remember it, several things differ very much between them. Also try subscribing to the mailing list at
    There are also very different "sub-implementations", so to speak. For example, my Intel 2011B wireless PCMCIA card had to be loaded with firmware every time it was inserted, and it took me quite a while just to find that out. If that's the case with your driver as well, try Pavel Roskin's spectrum24t driver. I don't remember where I got it from, but I think it was sourceforge.

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