Hi All,

I want to Know the following tasks are possible with RHEL5 being a Single Server (Some thing like ADS in Windows)....on a mixed environment that has Windows, Linux and MAC...Kindly go through and advise.. Thanks..

1. To act as a single sign on authentication server, with Identity management
- To authenticate users for logon to domain and check the users group memberships and provide the needed resource to the user.
- Time limit restrictions should be available when authenticating users.
- Setting up of roaming profiles for the user to provide him his personalized desktop where ever he goes.

2. Group Policies/Domain Policies (both user based and machine based policies) need to be applied to users/machines based on login/start of machines

3. Audit log capture of the above for reporting purposes on who logged in/at what time/What resources were accessed, What resources were modified.

4. To act as File and Print Server for centralised File storage and printing.

5. The above would be nice to have on a GUI based interface for easy administration