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    Wireless Keyboard Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by gaz_dc View Post
    Wow, that was easy! Should've thought of that myself

    However, I still cannot seem to get into the BIOS using the wireless keyboard, although by the time grub comes up it has been detected. I will just have to use my ps2 keyboard if I need to go in the BIOS.

    Thanks for your help


    Actually, I have just discovered that I can use the wireless to get at the BIOS - just have to press del several times instead of just once. Bit strange but there ya go.
    I am experiencing the same problem you mentioned. I have the Creative Wireless Desktop 6000 and have legacy/keyboard (USB) support enabled (as I remember). I can get into BIOS setup by multiple pressing of "Del" key (as you). However, after entering the BIOS, keyboard does not function. Additionaly, I have two OSs installed. When system starts booting up, I start pressing down arrow key multiple number of time to boot Windows which is listed at the last in the GRUB load menu. With the multiple press, sometimes the selection bar moves down and sometimes not.... when it moves down and highlights the desired OS, I hit the "enter" key to select the OS, it does not respond. During this period, the LED on wireless transmitter is illuminated. Now, if I don't perform a specific task (described in the next sentence), the GRUB menu stays on to the screen and the only way system would respond is by restarting and repeating the same redundant and tiresome process of multiple presses. What I do is, after repeated pressing of the down arrow key, if the slection bar has moved to the intended OS in the list (in my case Windows), I have to press the "enter" key within fraction of second or otherwise it won't respond. In case if it does not respond and the LED on the transmitter is still on, I quickly press the power button on to the CPU twice (one press makes the screen disappear and the second press makes the screen reappear) and again press the "enter" key immediately. This way, it starts loading the kernel of the selected OS. Now once the kernel is selected, I don't have any problem and the keyboard and mouse start functioning properly. I am trying to solve this problem but don't have the idea how to do it. Moreover, am planning to buy a desktop with bluetooth support which would again use USB interface. But not sure whether this problem I am facing would be taken care of... Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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