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    Big Problems....Long story too!


    ok well here i go....

    ok my pc started off as an old windows 98 box donated to me by relatives so i could complete my college work on linux filesystems etc that starts next term...

    so i installed mandrake 8.1 or something on the box, cdrom booted the install and everything went smoothly. After a few weeks wasent happy with mandrake as i couldnt do all the things i wanted..

    so gave freebsd 4.10 a go, but this time the cd doesent boot, so i created the boot floppies partitioned the disk (clearing the old mandrake partition) and create 1 bsd partition and a swap. then when it comes to installing the files it asks for the cd, but still it does not read, says it cannont find a cd drive in my system, now i thought this was strange considering that i had just installed mandrake from a cd boot and it was working fine with windows.

    i thought it might just be bsd being a pain, so i gave slackware 10.0 a go, first go the cd booted, but then i left to get some food, and another younger more annoying family member had switched my pc off, come back put the cd back in and boot up but this time doesnt recognise the cd, again create the boot floppies for this distro and give it a go, but when it comes to the prompt to install from cd still doesent work.

    now since then i have tried the original mandrake i used and that doesnt work, i have formatted with windows boot floppies and tried to re-install windows to effictively get back to where i started, but nothing seems to work, i have installed various drivers and they dont work either for the cd drive,

    please help me this is crutial for my college work!

    thanks in advance..

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    If your having problems reading CD's from multiple distributions and multiple OS's then the chances are your CD drive is broken and needs replacing/fixing.

    Does the BIOS recognise the device as being present?

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    yeah the bios recognises the cd drive, but then no OS's or CD's do, just seems strange to me that it worked 1 boot, then not the next

    so you think a replace is what i should do?

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