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    From Ubuntu to Windows - Grub error 17

    I've sold my Acer laptop with Linux on it and I'm in the process of preparing it for the buyer. He needs a fresh Windows Vista install and now I've probably done something stupid. And no, I did remember to backup the important stuff!

    Well, using GParted I deleted all partitions and created two new NTFS partitions. Then I attempted to boot my (legal) Vista installation dvd, however I get stuck at the Grub error 17. Neither will the Vista recovery cd run.

    What do I do from here - please?

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    Linux Guru Jonathan183's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Use SuperGrub CD to fix Windows boot ... replacing grub in the MBR or use a live cd and run the dd command to wipe the drive.

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    Thanks for replying, Jonathan.

    SuperGrub is now burned to cd. However, I still can't get the laptop to work. As I see it, I need to replace the Grub, enabling me to load Windows applications. My exact aim is to "prepare" the HDD for a Windows install from disc.

    Please note that there's presently nothing installed on the HDD.

    Would appreciate further guidance as I'm beginning to feel a little sweaty here! What exactly shall I do in SuperGrub?

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    Linux Guru Jonathan183's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    As indicated SuperGrub can write generic windows boot code to the MBR replacing grub. This should then allow you to install Windows. Post back if you need more help after trying SuperGrub.

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    It's all settled now, Jonathan! Thanks for your help.

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