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    Canada, eh?

    Need to get rid of Mint to put on pclinuxos. Vista dual-boot. (vista scares me).

    A while back I put Linux Mint (KDE) on my boyfriend's Acer laptop because Vista kept crashing. He's been using it for a while but wants to try another distribution. (He's still mostly using the vista partition due to some compatibility/learning curve issues). I'm recommending PClinuxOS because its been so stable for me (+ it's pretty).

    Anyway, I've only got experience dual-booting and changing distributions with XP. I remember installing on Vista was such a pain in the ass and the whole time I was a nervous wreck that I was going to destroy everything. (Vista would freeze while I was resizing partitions).

    Can I just install over Mint relatively easily? Are there more complications I should know about with Vista? Anything special to know about Vista with PClinux? Should I just wipe Vista entirely and say, "oopsy!" and save myself the hassle?

    If anyone would be kind enough to give me tips or a step-by-step guide it would be GREATLY appreciated! (I've been a total n00b for over two years...)

    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds,


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    If you have managed to dual boot Vista and Mint, then I the procedure should work with PCLinuxOS. All you need to do is let PCLinuxOS use the same partitions as Mint and let it install GRUB to the same place you currently have GRUB installed.

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