Hi all. I'm trying to save a 10 year old 560X ThinkPad from the scrap heap. I'm thinking of using DSL or maybe Fluxbuntu. Xubuntu would be pushing it with these hardware specs (P1 233, 64MB, 4GB.)

Here's the trick: no CD, no floppy, no LAN, and cannot boot from the USB.

I bought an ATA to USB adapter so I can remove the HD and mount it to my Ubuntu 8.04 desktop system. What I'd like to do is format the drive so it's bootable and will get me to a command line, put it back in the notebook, and then install from an ISO.

Anyone tried anything like this? I can't think of any other options. The current Windows 98 partition is screwed up so I can no longer boot into that. Gotta start fresh.

Any help would be awesome!