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    Question on which linux distro.

    Hi I'm new in general to linux but ive decided that id like to try out some sort of distro. Basically i have a few questions:

    First off being a recommendation for which distro to run- the purpose of it for me would just be basic everyday use, nothing super simple as id like to tinker around with it.

    I'll be running it on a desktop for now to try it out but i do plan on putting it on a laptop and dual running OS' (some sort of windows) will there be any problems with any of that?

    Spacewise, how much HD space do i need to run it efficiently; i have a 9gb partition that i would want to put it on, but if more is needed i can deal with it and make another.

    Drivers- Is there a place to get neccessary drivers for ..well not to be to broad but mainstream hardware companies.(nvidia,MSI,Asus)

    Also, are there any guides or little faqs for the distro on how to get started etc

    Thank you for any help you can give, I really appreciate it


    edit* silly me as im going back I see the linux newbie thread right above hah, I assume it'll just be moved there

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check the link in my signature for info about "which distro", and some quizzes to help you pick a distro for desktop or laptop.

    9GB should be large enough, depending on what all you plan to do with your Linux system.

    Most drivers are included with the kernel. Proprietary drivers can usually be downloaded from the vendor in question if they aren't available straight out of the repos for the distro you are using.

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    To begin with, i suggest you try Ubuntu and Mandriva, without installing them. See which one works better on your machine without extra configuration and which one you like more and then you can proceed with the installation. The choice of distribution is not something definite. Many users change distribution every few months! I tried opensuse, mandriva, pclinuxos and linux mint before i finally chose Ubuntu.
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