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    routing table problem

    hello all
    i have trouble when connecting to the internet
    i can only connect now through proxy(meaning that i need to configure a proxy in the browser).
    it wasn't like this from the beggining this problem just happend i can't say what trigered it.
    i am connected through cables.
    here is my routing table after i connect to the internet
    Kernel IP routing table
    if any one knows what is the problem and how to fix it
    please tell me

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    What do you mean? The proxy at your ISP? Isn't it pretty strange that you can access the proxy but not the rest of the world in that case? Are you sure that it isn't just a DNS problem? Try pinging my IP ( and see if you can do that.

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    routing problem

    thanks for your response
    i called my ISP tech support and that is waht he suggested
    they don't have very experienced linux tech support and i am a new linux
    user so i can't really know if he is right or wrong.
    i tried to ping to and it worked fine.
    i don't know if its a dns problem it could be but how i can tell?

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    Yes, it is a DNS problem in that case. Since you can reach all IP addresses, but you can't resolve domain names, then that's the problem. Just set your DNS servers and you should be alright. I can't tell you exactly how, though, since I don't know what distribution you're using. Are you using DHCP to get your IP address, or is it static?

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    routing problem

    the problem
    was dns after all
    there is a file resolv.conf
    that even when i have usepeerdns in the option file
    the dns of my ISP doesn't copy itself to the resolv.conf when i connect
    when i do i manually every thing works fine.

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