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    Does everything work now or is there still a problem?

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    Hey jonathan,

    I went reinstalled Linux on the secondary hard drive,(then made it primary) after I turend it on in the BIOS.
    I attemted to boot to Linux after changing the grub line to the the first one casper gave me and the system would not start up, I got an error that said" could not find operating system.
    It seems like after I installed Linux and then reconnected the second hard drive wth Vista, Linux would not start up.
    I wonder when you plug in the hard drive wiht windows, if Vista does something to the primary hard drive, format it or something because when I went into disk mangagement after making windows vista primary drive again , the orginal Linux hard drive looked reformatted it had three partitions one had fat 16 or something. Im my original installation of linux there was only two partitions.
    Did Windows Vista screw with the other hard drive ?

    So I just used Neosmart software from Windows to boot Linux and add it to boot menu at startup. It did boot linux from the the boot screen and it gives me a choice between Vista and Linux.
    Heres the link just type this in ( in case someone runs across this thread and needs help.
    There is also a guide on the forums because you do need to set up Linuxin a certain way before it will work.

    I want to say thanks to all that helped.

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    Good to hear you have things sorted ... the link did not work for me - could you double check it still works

    If you run fdisk -l you should find 3 partitions, root, home and swap ... which is the default for most systems when you had the other drive connected I suspect the same swap partition was being used by both versions of Linux.

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