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    High resolution console

    I have RH9 installed but have been messing with this issue off and on since 7.3. I don't log into Xwindows, I log into the console and then startx when I need it. My question is this. How can I change the font or get the resolution better in command line? I absoultely hate the large lettering. I have tried SVGATextMode to little or no avail. The latest version that I could find of it is also like 2 years old. Is there something I am missing that evreyone else knows about? I used to run Slackware and it would by default go to this better resolution so I know it is possible. Any help is much appreciated.



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    I don't really know if you can change it during runtime. It's possible that I've read that you can, but I really don't remember.
    However, there is the vga command line to the kernel. Give it a SVGA mode number that you want, such in vga=0101. If you don't know what modes are available on your system, use vga=ask.

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    look into using a framebuffer. With a framebuffer on a 3d card you can set your resolution to 1600x1200 if you wish. The text will be really small, but it can be done. You also need fbset, which comes with most distributions, but if it doesn't check I run mine at 1024x768 when I do run in the console for long periods of time. That is usually only when I am recompiling/reinstalling X/GNOME2 though.
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