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    'dd' to Ignore Free Hard Drive Space?


    I am trying to make an Auto Install DVD for the place I work at (all PCs are the same with 80 GB hard drives). I would ideally like to 'dd' a completed isntall (3.4 GB) and then used DamnSmall Linux and the image of that drive to install on the other PCs. However, the 80 GB hard drives give me an 80 GB image and if I compress it by piping 'dd' thrpugh gzip it takes forever to compress and then verify. Currently we image a PC by hooking it up to a Ghost Server and doing 2-3 PCs at a time. I would like a DVD with a small Linux distro like DamnSmallLinux and then the 'dd' image.

    * Is there a way to use 'dd' to get a hard drive iamge that ignores the free space on the hard drive? I mean, so that the image itself is about 3.5 GB and when installed it inflates to the whole hard drive of 80GB but doesn't get compressed so doesn't need decompression?

    Please let me know, this would be a great help.



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    I can think of two possible solutions, although they might not work well for you.

    1/ Shrink the primary partitions down to ~4 GB, use dd to image them, and then expand the partitions back to 80 GB.
    2/ If the machines are identical, would "cp -pr" work?
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