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    How can I host /usr on another PC

    I heard you can mount your /usr as readonly on one PC where the files are hosted on another. So that once you do any updates on the server hosting it the rest of the network is updated as well. As well as the added bonus of saving disk space, and having it so the /usr directory cannot be touched by the end user. What I'm wondering is how would I set up a typical Mandrake install to do this. Or do I need to install it, delete the files in the directory, and then mount it to connect on next bootup.

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    Re: How can I host /usr on another PC

    Really i wouldnt recommend this at all. For example, you might install an application onto one server in the /usr/ directory, but in many cases installing an application will result in some libary files going to /lib, some files going into /var etc so you will end up with just a complete mess.

    Really if all your looking for is a way to rollout upgrades across multiple machines you are almost certainly better off writing a script todo this.

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    Thanx for your help. Do you think I should mount /usr, /var, and /lib on a remote server or do you think that would still cause a mess? I thought about the /usr, /var, and /lib scenario but I wasn't sure. If I keep the files all of the local machine should I mount them as read-only and shut off the read-only access when I need to install a new version of the kernel or KDE? I'm just trying to find the best scenario for security and maintenance I can?

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    If you are really intent on this centralized program repositiry, Just make the workstarions terminals and funnl your resouces into building a truly massively powerful server.
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