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    windows changes partition table

    Hey all,

    I just installed windows on my laptop, and naturally it rewrote the MBR.
    I'm fine with that and totally used to it.

    However, this is the first time i noticed that windows changes the paritition table.

    It made itself /dev/hda1
    and changed my original linux parition to /dev/hda2

    Now i can't seem to boot. I went in and adjust my lilo.conf file to look at /dev/hda2 instead of /dev/hda1 like it used to. I then re-wrote lilo to the MBR and can start the boot.

    However, i get so far and then something (can't seem to figure out what) tries to check /dev/hda1 for bad blocks or something and it complains that it isn't ext3.

    Is there
    a) a way to change the partition table to read that my linux drive is /dev/hda1 without deleting/recreating

    b) a way to change whatever is trying to check /dev/hda1 on boot. It gives me the option to log in as root and make changes.... i just don't know what to change

    The distro i'm using is Yoper.

    I also have slackware (just installed), but everytime i boot that i get a kernel panic and it complains about reiserfs which makes me wonder if my kernel has reiserfs support.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I have all important data backed up, so if i don't get a reply by morning (or when i get bored tonight) I'm just going to start from scratch.

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    Dual booting Windows and linux

    What version of windows are you using? If it's win98, it has to be the first partition on the drive or it won't work. Windows is very fussy about were it resides were linux doesn't really care. You may have to put windows on the first partition then re-install Linux on the next partitions.

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    it was XP pro.

    that thought had crosesd my mind, because i knew 98 had to be first partition.

    anyway..... i just created a new partition, backed up all my stuff to it, formatted everything and got the partition table squared away. Then i "recovered" my backup to the linux partition and everything is working good now.

    Thanks for the reply.

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