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    [SOLVED] Install CentOS 5.2 with one cd

    Hi there, does anyone ever installed CentOS 5.2 from Live CD? I have googled everywhere, but I don't get any result. Mostly suggest DVD other using 6cds. Is there no way to install from Live CD?

    While I try to install the bin cd. I followed the FAQ to deselect all package(I try minimum install), still it required cd#1, cd#2 and cd#3. Is there any ways to install CentOS only from 1 CD?

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    I don't think the live cd is installable. You could try using the netinstall disc.

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    Another possibility you might want to look into is Unetbootin. It will allow you to download the entire installation without having to burn the DVD or the CD's. The downfall of this, however, is that you won't actually have the installation media in the event of a system failure. But the program itself works pretty well.

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    Did you mean install from internet? Well, CentOS live-cd do have option says somekind like install from network. Is that what you mean? But I hope that is the last solution. My internet connection is not fast. I have a experience installed Ubuntu with Wubi but keep failing in connection.

    Btw, is that what will the Unetbootin download? You mean that it will find the package itself in internet and install OS on-the-fly?

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    The netinstall cd installs from the internet, so if you don't have a good net connection this will probably not work very well. The last time I tried the CentOS live cd, you could not directly install from it (unless things have changed recently).

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    Well things haven't change I think.

    But why? I thought if it can contain a linux inside a cd (a live cd), logically we can at least install that Linux inside our computer can't we. I just don't understand, why can't we install from live cd (CentOS)

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    You probably cant do it because of limitations in the upstream distribution, in this case RedHat Enterprise 5.

    I've installed (actually upgraded, but it's the same process) CentOS 5 using just the first CD from the install set. You can do this with either CD1, or from a network install if one is available; it's not the live CD, so you might have to get and burn an additional CD if you dont already have this. Heres what you do.

    Before you shut down the computer, you need to get a pen and a piece of paper, and find a repository mirror from the mirrors link on the CentOS website. Use your web browser to find the directory on the server for the base OS files (i.e. not the .iso images of which you have already got the 1st CD) and write the full path down. I did a quick check and this is one of the CentOS approved mirrors that is near me Index of /centos/5.2/os/i386. You should go through the CentOS mirror system and find one nearer to you.

    When you boot up off the cd, tell it you're installing of a network rather than from install media. It'll start up your network card, ask you for DHCP or static IP selection (choose the one you normally use) and then connect up. When it asks for a path to the install files, type in the address you wrote down earlier. Other than that the install process is exactly the same as from CD. It takes significantly longer to install this way, but you dont have a huge update cycle immediately after you complete the install - it goes straight to the latest packages.

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    I can't find any option to make it install from network in bin cd. There is only install in text mode or in GUI mode.

    But in LiveCD, there is install from network. I have tried it. I input the IP /subnet mask/ DNS server. I have put the mirror website and directory. But it said
    Unable to retrieve from

    FYI, I am trying in virtual box now. The IP which I input is the one that has been set in livecd(I can online from virtualbox when using livecd).

    Btw, I found there is option to install from harddisk. It will ask me which partition that contain the installation iso. Maybe I can download the others ISOs and install in this way? I rather download the bin iso, because at least I can use Download manager (if something has happened I need not to download from the beginning)

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    Finally, I have successfully only installed from cd1. I don't know why the last time it require 3 cds. Maybe last time I didn't input the IPs and website? Because this time I input the IPs that's why it only need 1 cd? Dunno. But finally I've installed the CentOS. hoho (although only terminal, but I think the Windows Manager can be installed later)

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