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    Probleme with initrd


    I just installed a linux system on an USB Hard Drive (UHD).
    Unfortunately it does not work still.

    It starts bootting from my DDU, but atfer some time I get the
    following message:

    Mounting root file system /dev/root with flag noatime
    VFS: Can't find ext3 file system on sdb1
    Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init
    I uncompressed the file init.img and it seems that the problem
    comes from the command:

    echo Mounting root filesystem /dev/root with flags noatime
    mount -o noatime --ro -t ext3 /dev/root /sysroot
    When I installed the linux system I created a primary partition sdb1 (ext3, /)
    and a swap partition.

    Finally the concerned grub section is:

    title pclinuxos
    kernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz BOOT_IMAGE=pclinuxos root=/dev/sdb1
    initrd (hd0,0)/boot/initrd.img
    I am currently reading docs but it is a bit difficult because
    I only have a basic linux knowledge.

    If somebody could give me some clues to try to solve this problem
    that would be really nice.


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    check your
    change the mounting by label name with the label you are using in

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    Thank you for your answer.

    It seems to me that the lines that are concerned in fstab are ok:

    # /dev/sdb1, size=397431972, type=131: Journalised FS: ext3 (primary)
    /dev/sdb1 / ext3 noatime 1 1

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    Are you sure you need an initrd?

    You could try to commend out the initrd and see how far that gets you. As I see it, all you are trying to do is mount /dev/sdb1 as / during boot. That should be a perfectly valid order of events. Adding an Initial Ram Disk to this may needlessly complicate this, unless you need additional kernel modules loaded before your system is able to speak to the external drive.

    And if that doesn't work, please post whatever error message you get and the entire grub.conf.
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