Im trying to install Fedora 9 onto a partition on a desktop computer. Previously, i installed Fedora 9 on a laptop and the installation disc worked fine but now, one day after, the installation disc gets an error during installation. So, i burnt another ISO disc, all this disc said during boot was the Linux COpyright and then shutdown. So lastly, i downloaded a different ISO burner and burnt a last boot disc. This time, it takes me to a text prompt asking what type of isntallation i require and says to press enter for graphical.

THis is where im stuck. My keyboard is recognised by Linux because during the errored installion i was using it but during this text based installation i cant use it to choose my installation type so Linux shuts down after a period. Does any know why this would occur? and how to fix it? I just got this computer and its a pain to not be able to use it for this long. Any help will be greatly appreciated.