Windows XP refuses to recognise two of my 4 logical partitions. The data is intact as can be found by mounting the drives in linux - they are perfectly readable but Win says drive not formatted. I think it is just not recognising the type. But on viewing partition info in Partition magic, i found that the string starting at the fourth byte in the boot sector (first 512 bytes of each partition) was MSWIN for the unaffected partitions and ASWIN for the affected ones. The filesystem type is proper (FAT32). How can I edit the boot sectors of any logical partition via linux?. The fact that i think it is easier to do it from linux is the only reason i'm posting this to a linux forum.
I think that will do the trick.

If Anyone needs more information please ask.
Thanks in advance.

160 GB harddisk. winxp sp1.
primary drive (C - 14GB
logical drives (D,E,F,G) - 37 GB each
rest of extended space is linux partitions.
D and E drives have the aforementioned problems