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Thread: new hardrive

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    new hardrive

    I want to install and duel boot RedHat 9, and instead of partitioning my current hard drive i want to install a second (8 gig) hard drive. However, I am not sure weather to make it Master, Slave, or even Cable select. Any Help would be aprieciated. Thanx in advance.

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    This is the way it works: In an IDE setup, you can have any number of IDE busses. Almost every single motherboard has two busses built in, though. They are referred to as the primary or secondary bus. On each bus, you can have exactly two drives, one being the master and the other being the slave. So that means that if the current drive on the bus you're going to set this drive on is master, the new one must be the slave, and vice versa. Please note, however, that a drive being alone on a bus must be master, since the slave drive requires a master to function.
    I'm not really sure how cable select works. I think it just determines whether to be master or slave according to which connector on the bus it is connected to, but I'm not really sure. If your current drive is on cable select, try setting the new drive to cable select as well.

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