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    How to partition the HDD to install Linux and Windows

    Hello to all.
    I am new in this forum, and I have a question. I would like to install both, Linux and Windows on my computer.
    the question is: how to partition the HDD to be able to install both of the OSs???
    I mean: which must be primary, logical and so on.

    thanks for help in advance.


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    instal Windows first. It needs a single partition. Then install Linux, which will need two partitions (one called the root partition and signified by "/" , which is where all of you Linux stuff goes, and a second much smaller partition for your swap files (a bit like swapper.dat in windows)). If need be use [b[fdisk[/b] to create your three partitions.

    The reason for installing Windows forst is that it will over write anything in a special area of your hard disk called the master boot record (mbr), and you want Linux to install a boot loader (a piece of system software that will give you the choice of which OS to boot into) onto your mbr (my preference is Grub, but you can also use Lilo). So, if you install Linux first and then Windows, you'll find that you can't get access to your Linux partition (see the tutorial section of this forum for help in this area).

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