Hi Everybody,
I have got stuck from pretty long time while trying to include a third party rpm in Fedora 8 ISO. I have tried a lot of things to make it work:

1)I made an entry in the "Fedora-8-comps.xml" file for the concerned rpm and included the rpm in the "Packages" folder. This entry was made under the package list of the "core" group. On installing, it seemed to skip that entry as the rpm nevr got installed. Also i had to change sha entry for "Fedora-8-comps.xml" in repodata.xml file.

2)So second thing I did was I removed one of the manual rpms (I didn't needed it )that was getting installed and in its place I put my rpm and renamed it to the rpm which was removed. But on installation it gave an error that rpm was corrupt.

For making changes in the file i simply extracted it from the orig ISO (using windows tool), changed it, and added it to ISO using the tool. Same for adding the RPMs.

It seems that nothing is working. I think that there might be a very straight way of including a third party rpms. I am really clueless about it.

Any help will be appreciated a lot.