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    Can't download ISO

    Ok im trying to download the Knoppix ISO from
    to put on my lap top but whenever i try to download it it says its gonna take like 20 hours.. The first time i did it and went to bed and said couldnt be downloaded and i dont wanna sleep on it again so i was wondering if any one knew whats up? Please reply or AIM me at billyi89

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    there are several things that you could do. this might be caused by the fact that servers have errors sometimes that you just can't do anything about. you should try downloading it again, and if you have bad luck again try a different mirror. or it could be caused by a firewall issue, make sure you aren't blocking anything when it comes to ftp (or http if you're downloading that way) there's really a lot of things it could be, but unless you can be more specific this is all i can really give you, a blanket answer

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    What's the speed of your internet connection? You're going to need at least DSL or some other broadband to download an ISO file (they're usually around 650MB). Also, have you considered ordering the CDs already burned? They're very cheap most places ($2-3 a CD) and they have pretty labels. (That may not be a big deal to you but I prefer a nice laser printer label to my Sharpie marker chickenscratch)
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    Assuming you have broadband, you could try from a different mirror has a list of some mirrors that may perform better than the one you were trying.

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    Use a download accellerator like prozilla to speed up downloading. These have also a nice feature of stoping the transmission and resuming later it where they left off. Good luck.
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