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    Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot Problem

    Yesterday i decided to make my laptop dual boot. I followed the instructions for XP/Ubuntu dual boot (XP installed first).
    1. Created a Partition for Windows XP (divided the HDD in 2 parts 110 GB for XP/Ubuntu Installation and 200 for different purposes)
    2. Installed XP
    3. Began installing Ubuntu and i don't know why but it decided that i want to install it on the second partition-200GBs. But i continued. Everything worked perfectly both systems boot smootly with GRUB. But when i loged in to windows to resize the 110 partition it turns out that this partition was 80% Full! The windows directory has become 75GBs and 27000 Files. Where is the problem and how should i devide the drive by clean installation so that i have the following configuration?
    1x 70GB NTFS for Windows C:\
    1x 40GB Ext3 for Ubuntu's Filesystem + 1x 2-3GB's Swap.
    1x 200GB NTFS for everything else.


    P.S. The HDD is now completely formated.

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    Do as you 've figured out already:
    Boot the Ubuntu CD and create 2 NTFS partitions (70+200GB), the Linux swap partition and the Linux ext3 partition.
    The 70GB should be the first partition in the partition table.

    Install Windows to the first 70GB partition and then install Ubuntu.

    Set mount point /windows for the Windows partition and make sure that "format" remains unchecked. For the Ubuntu partition choose mount point /

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    I can't understand something completely.
    So i boot the Ubuntu Live Cd and create the following partitions (without installing Ubuntu):
    1x 70GBs NTFS
    1x 200GB's NTFS
    And what should i do with the rest - Format it ext3 or what?

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    The rest 400GB that you want to use for Ubuntu you can leave it unformatted, it will be formatted when you install Windows. When you make the partitions, don't install Ubuntu. Install Windows first, because Windows will write on the MBR and erase Ubuntu bootloader. Do
    1)You make the partitions, but you don't install Ubuntu yet
    2)Install Windows on the first 70 GB NTFS partition
    3)Install Ubuntu on the 400GB ext3 partition. It will be formatted during installation.
    If you want to store your Windows files in the 200GB partition then you set mount point /windows for that partition and choose NOT to format it. Otherwise you must also mount the 70GB partition to another location(Don't format either). But if only your programs are in the 70GB then you may leave it unmounted.

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