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    Not sure how to install using Unetbootin

    Ok, tis one people may be able to help me with....

    I am attempting to install ANY distro onto a pc, using Unetbootin... but there is a catch... seeing as how there is not bootable, I cannot connect to the net. Is there a way around this? The last time I tried it Unetbootin splash came up.. and there was an option for 'default'.. after I click it it just starts to timer over.

    I read somewhere .. something about if I already have the .iso I don't need to be connected? I was under the impression Unetbootin does all the partitioning and what not.

    Hope this is enough info , and also hope this thread doesn't get locked. I realize I have been asking similar stuff, but I am just learning. So it's taking me some time to come up with the right questions to ask.


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    well.. when I start Unetbootin, it tells me "7z not found. This is required for either install mode.
    Install the "p7zip-full" package or your distribution's equivalent."

    Let me get this right, the reason I get the "default" on the Unetbootin when the splash screen comes up, is BECAUSE of this 7z problem. But I can't install 7z , or any equivalent of it. damnit.

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