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    Linux will not play nice with my new motherboard!

    I recently upgraded my motherboard, and attempted to reinstall ubuntu hardy. I have run into a TON of problems. There's a lot to explain, so let me start with my new specs:

    MSI 845 Ultra-C Motherboard
    Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU
    1 Gig RAM
    ATI Radeon X1300
    Corsair VX450W PSU (450 watt)
    40Gb Master HDD
    320Gb Slave HDD
    Sony DVD-RW drive (don't feel like finding model #)

    Okay, so i did a clean install of windows xp. The installation went slower than i am used to, but since it has installed, i have had no problems running windows. Now when i try to install Ubuntu, or actually ANY distro of linux, the installation runs extremely slow, and then drops to that "initramfs shell" thing. I added "delaytimer=120" to the install command, which gets me (eventually) into the live desktop (takes about an hour just to get past the partition manager), and ultimately fails at about 78%. As i said, this is pretty much the case for every distro i have tried.

    Today i successfully installed a debian distro, but it runs as slow as cold molasses. it takes ten minutes just to open firefox. so i have reformatted the partition debian was on, and i am back to square one: Windows.

    Anybody know why my computer is going so slow with my new mobo? i got a new power supply that i am positive is distributing enough power, so it's not that....Rawr!

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    Hi and Welcome !

    It could be Graphics Card problem. Have you tried to install Linux distros in Text Mode?
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    yes i have tried that, it makes no difference.

    Also i have tried using the on-board video card, which also makes no difference.

    i don't experience any display lag while installing, it just takes forever.

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