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    Wipeing Hard Drive

    Ok I have a IBM laptop with windows 98 on it. Now i need to know how to wipe everything from it including the OS and put Knoppix on it ( I have the ISO on a CD and need to know how to download it onto my HD and turn Knoppix into a Iso

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    Why would you want to use knoppix for that?

    Instead use another distribution(Mandrake or Fedora Core for example) then you'll get a graphical installation where it is very easy to choose to wipe out the HD.

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    do you have the iso on cd or is it burnt to cd?

    If you just have the iso then use a windows app like nero to burn it as a bootable cd.

    When you boot up knoppix from the cd you can use tools like fdisk or cfdisk to reformat and partition your hd
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    This is how I would do it

    If your using knoppix 3.4

    Boot Knoppix in the cd like you normally would.

    Now open up a terminal and type 'cfdisk' this tool modify's your partions. If you don't know how to use this tool just google search or pm me and I'll be more than happy to guide you.

    Then in the terminal type 'knoppix-installer' this will run the gui based installation program where a menu appears and gives you three installation choices. Not much of a selection.

    The installer gives you a QT based partioning tool that fubared some disks on me in the past so I recommend the cli tools which haven't failed me yet. However since your destroying your Window 98 you might want to give this a try instead of 'cfdisk'

    If your using an older version of Knoppix do this.

    When the cd boots and you get boot prompt that says boot# or something similar I can't remember exactly, but it's where most of the time you just hit enter to finish loading the os. At this prompt type 'knoppix2' and this will load knoppix without a gui just a command line.

    Here the installer program is 'knx-hdinstall' and this will pretty much do everything for you.

    Knoppix is pretty slick and I think it's alot better than fedora and mandrake for newbies because of apt-get and it's only one cd. I hope this helps and good luck.

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