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    im quite new to linux so all and any bit of information/ help is appreciated. anyway ive installed linux trixbox, its going to be a PBX once i can get it running anyway ive narrowed it down to driver missing ive downloaded the driver from intels web site. the driver is e1000e its from a dell optiplex 960. ive learned how to extract the files a i have, went to directory and tried installing

    then i recieve this

    ./e1000e.7:line1: .':command not found
    ./e1000e.7:line2: .':command not found
    ./e1000e.7:line3: syntax error near unexpected token '('
    ./e1000e.7:line3: '.\" This somftware.....licence agreement........

    the other things listed in the directory i extracted are

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    Copy/pasted from the README file:

    Building and Installation

    To build a binary RPM* package of this driver, run 'rpmbuild -tb
    <filename.tar.gz>'. Replace <filename.tar.gz> with the specific filename
    of the driver.

    NOTE: For the build to work properly, the currently running kernel MUST
    match the version and configuration of the installed kernel sources.
    If you have just recompiled the kernel reboot the system now.

    RPM functionality has only been tested in Red Hat distributions.

    1. Move the base driver tar file to the directory of your choice. For
    example, use /home/username/e1000 or /usr/local/src/e1000.

    2. Untar/unzip archive:

    tar zxf e1000-x.x.x.tar.gz

    3. Change to the driver src directory:

    cd e1000-x.x.x/src/

    4. Compile the driver module:

    make install

    The binary will be installed as:

    /lib/modules/<KERNEL VERSION>/kernel/drivers/net/e1000/e1000.[k]o

    The install locations listed above are the default locations. They
    might not be correct for certain Linux distributions.

    5. Load the module using either the insmod or modprobe command:

    modprobe e1000

    insmod e1000

    Note that for 2.6 kernels the insmod command can be used if the full
    path to the driver module is specified. For example:

    insmod /lib/modules/<KERNEL VERSION>/kernel/drivers/net/e1000/e1000.ko

    With 2.6 based kernels also make sure that older e1000 drivers are
    removed from the kernel, before loading the new module:

    rmmod e1000; modprobe e1000

    6. Assign an IP address to the interface by entering the following, where
    x is the interface number:

    ifconfig ethx <IP_address>

    7. Verify that the interface works. Enter the following, where <IP_address>
    is the IP address for another machine on the same subnet as the
    interface that is being tested:

    ping <IP_address>
    To compile the driver you will need the running kernel's source/header files. Refer to Trixbox's documentation on getting/installing the kernel source.

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    ok im needing some help around the step 4 im not totaly sure on it and i tried to follow it and some other guide ive found relating to it, and lost

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    ok the problem im having is witht he MAKE aspect, ive looked at other forums and site ect. what im getting is im supposed to

    make install

    its not working from ./configure im not sure if i need to be under certain somthing im in folder that i had extracted my driver too logged in as root

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