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    Looking for calendar and facility management software to put online

    I am with a NPO that has their headquarters in Pennsylvania and 4 orphanages in different parts of China. I am looking for ways to help our communications - we badly need help!

    I am now looking for some kind of software to help with scheduling. One of the things I am hoping for from this post is that you will help me refine my question so that it is clear - certainly am hoping for an answer as well

    I want software that has a calendar built into it. There should be one view for each facility, and then another view that will overlay all facilities onto one calendar to make a master calendar. Each view should have its own security, i.e. John, who is in charge of the Beijing home should only be able to access his facility's calendar and Mary who is in charge of the Fuzhou home should only have access to the Fuzhou home. Ann, who is in the home office should be able to see all.

    It would be nice if there was an email function integrated with this because discussions about the use of facilities will naturally open up the need to communicate. Actually, something like Outlook would be really cool.

    Is there some webmail that has this ability? What is the name for this kind of software? Is it calendaring software? project management software? Are there webmail programs that do this?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Google offers a lot if not all of the features you described:

    Short list:
    Email with Gmail
    Calendar with

    The calendar can be set up with different groups and people's email associated with what groups they are allowed to change. The groups can be color coded and entries can be hidden based on what calendar permissions a user has. I would say give that a look and see if it satisfies your needs.

    As an additional note: I use google calendar and can sync it with my palm (works with other mobile devices too I believe) with a free third-party software called goosync, but I think for an enterprise level which you are talking about it costs money.

    Good luck!
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