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    running install and installing linux from hard drive

    I know allot of you will hate me for saying this but i need help installing Linux to help me fix my windows installation.i need a way to run the Linux install program from a external hard drive and install Linux to that same hard drive.The problem being that i do not have a computer with admin privileges so i can not install any programs.I have one NTFS partition on the external hard drive that i would like to keep intact,and i would need a Linux distro that can mount and use a windows vista iso and can read a NTFS partition.I currently have no operating system on my external hard drive, but i am able to boot from it.I would also like to add that i know nothing about operating Linux, but wold like to give Linux a try.the current computer i am using is running windows XP. if you need any more information please tell me because i really need this issue solved.

    P.S. Sorry to the mods if this thread is in the wrong location.

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    If I understand correctly, you want to recover your files from the Windows hard disk, right?
    You don't even need to install Linux, you can use a Live-CD instead.
    • Burn a Linux Live-CD (Ubuntu for example)
    • Boot your computer using the Live-cd. You may have to enter bios to make CD the first boot device.
    • Select "Try Ubuntu without any changes to your system", DO NOT CHOOSE "INSTALL UBUNTU" at this point.
    • Go to Places->Computer and you should see your hard disks.
    • Plug in a usb-stick or usb-hard disk. It will appear on the desktop.
    • Now you just need to copy your files into the usb stick and then right click on the usb icon and press Unmount.
    • Your files have been recovered! (To be absolutely sure, remove the and plug it again and see if the files appear in there-or try them on another computer;they are your precious data after all!)

    Now you can format/reinstall Windows or better yet, click the install icon on the desktop to install Ubuntu that is far less likely to put you in a similar situation in the future!!

    PS:Have we ever given the impression that we hate Windows users??

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    Im sorry i failed to mention i do not have a working cd\dvd drive,and i would rather have a backup OS anyway. Any other ideas

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