Have XP Professional & Ubuntu 8.10 - Dual Boot with Grub created by Ubuntu.
Wishing to try Knoppix, booted from DVD. Liked the distro and decided to do a "Basic Poor Man's Install"(BPMI) and create a "Persistent Disk Image"(PDI). The mistake I made was perhaps not creating seperate partitions for these??? Did the BPMI on same partition as the Ubuntu Boot-sda2 and the PDI on same partition as Ubuntu Home Folder-sda5. Everything works fine. However wish to do a proper job of it.
HOW DO I PROCEED???? Is reinstalling Ubuntu the only way? CAN I remove the Knoppix lot only, leaving Ubuntu alone? Tried deleting Knoppix but No Permissions even though I am the only User; and as Root.
Be good to have suggestions.
Thanks ALL