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    Exclamation Is there a good rock solid XFCE distro?

    I am looking for a nice distro using XFCE, because XFCE is my favorite desktop enviroment. (I am looking for something other than Xubuntu or Linuxmint. I am trying to steer away from Ubuntu and Linuxmint in general they always give me problems.) I am thinking about getting a netbook with an Intel Atom Processor and I would like to put a distro with XFCE on it.

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    Most of major distros have XFCE desktop in sources but i would suggest you to go for Debian Netinstall. Debian is a rock solid distro and you can install necessary packages manually.
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    Puppy linux, Damn Small Linux, are both good.

    However, I noticed your reasoning was because you have a netbook. If you prefer Gnome or KDE, go with them. I own a netbook, and my company uses them frequently, and I've seen them run gnome and KDE without any problems. If you're wanting a truly zippy window manager, I might suggest Openbox instead, though I don't know where you might get that for.

    There seem to be two sides when it comes to netbooks - those who complain about them not being real laptops, and those who complain about those who are complaining, saying what did you expect.

    I'm of the opinion that they are indeed real laptops. I've seen them running compiz fusion with maxed out effects. I've seen one running windows XP run age of empires three. The specs aren't as low as they seem to be.

    So really, go for whatever window manager you like, unless you really want that very very slight edge on speed and lighter resource usage - in which case I recommend Openbox, not XFCE at all.

    (I'm typing all this on an acer aspire one 110l, running Slax w/ KDE, uptime of 2 days, and its using 250mb ram)

    On a final note, I'd worry a lot more about whether your distro has good power management and can hibernate/suspend the netbook without fuss - and without a swap partition. Those two features, in my opinion, will matter much more than a few mb of RAM here or there.

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    I like Zenwalk which was originally based on Slackware. You can also check out other distros that use XFCE here.

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    Yep, Zenwalk includes Xfce and was pretty nice the last time I tried it. The only thing I didn't like about it was their default package tool, but it has probably improved quite a bit since then.

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