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The line above is from your first post, the output of the fdisk command shows a 300GB and a 500GB drive?? As you can see from that output, there are NO Linux partitions! Did you do a wubi install where you install Ubuntu inside windows as a folder? I'm not familiar with wubi installs so...?
I am getting confused with the partitions on my 2nd PC(which is 2x500GB) and you are right, this is a 300GB and a 500GB, can only apologise for that error.

And yes, I installed as a folder inside Windows (only a seperate partition that was empty) as when I tried a clean install the disk partitioner seems to want to force me to create another partition to place Linux on and I already have one sitting there but it wont let me select it (hope that makes sense) so basically its not letting em select an actual partition to place Linux on where as if I install inside Windows I can pick the partition I wish to use and dedicate one to Linux.

Is there a way I could install from scratch and actually pick a partition then rather than being forced to create another as I was worried about it messing up any of my windows files if I create yet another partition.