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Thread: 256mb

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    What about with 256Mb,

    I'm trying to install Kubuntu 8.10 but it keeps having a kernel panic due to not syncing properly.

    Ubuntu says 256 is OK, but I just want an OK distro with Kde. Any pointers?

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    KDE4 is a pretty heavy desktop environment, and all versions of it thus far are rather bug ridden. According to this Ubuntu documentation page, a minimum of 384 MB of RAM are recommended. I'd recommend a little more than that if you really want to go with KDE4.

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    Try out NimbleX 2008. It runs fine on my 256mb laptop.

    NimbleX - The New Wave of Linux ! - Download

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    I have used the alternate install cd to work around problems such as this. While it works, the GUI will always be somewhat slow unless you install more RAM.

    A Live CD installation will require more RAM for the install than what may be neccessary to use the distro. I agree that KDE is a bit heavy although it is my preference. On some of my 13 Linux boxes using Gnome is the best option because of the lower resources available. The machine that I am typing this post on has 512MB RAM with KDE 3.x and it almost always used about 350 to 380MB (give or take)

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    Thanks for all your contribs. However I have just found out this little old laptop has just 32Mb RAM! Looks like I have to shelve KDE. Never mind, it wasn't for me, and the person that would use it, would probably not appreciate a more complex Linux option.

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    Or try Xfce... Use Xubuntu

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