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    everywhere I go I find terrible BUGS!!


    I'm a relatively newcomer to linux. About some 8 months ago I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. It worked great. I honestly had no complaints. Then I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 and everything started to go wrong from there....

    Plagued with little annoying bugs, and basically no skype nor ekiga functionality, Ubuntu 8.10 made me angry to the point I decided to ditch it for the brand new OpenSuSe 11.1. At first, it seemed as if all my prayers had been answered (except for a few annoying things like beagle which I removed), but the audio is broken. Not completely though. Pulseaudio is not doing its job of mixing audio from different sources which results in terrible distortions. Even playing videos with audio from youtube sometimes causes an initial loud distortion before playback goes back to normal.

    I decided to try the other famous user friendly distro out there. Fedora 10, installed nicely. I could not really compare sound playback, because right after installation I decided to update my system (which took like 3 hours! ) and I restarted the system...but It never booted back!!...just before asking for my password the screen freezes and there is nothing I can do...

    After the Debian 5.0 lenny release, I decided it was time for me to try the "legendary" very stable and relatively bug-free debian distro. The installation was fine. It boots faster than any other distro I've tried, possibly because it's a very simple gnome implementation (which is what I want). But when I tried making my wireless work (using b43-fwcutter in the same way it worked for the other 3 distros) I got abnormal behaviour. The led turns off and on everytime I connect to one of the detected networks and It won't connect at all!!....

    Everywhere I go I get these ridiculous bugs that hinder my usability greatly... I guess I'll have to go back to Ubuntu. But I so wanted to try Debian, it would have truly given me the oportunity to learn more about linux. OpenSuSe seemed awesome in any other respect than audio.... I don't know what to do now?....Should I try another distro? which one? I thought of Mandriva, but you have to pay... Mint is just Ubuntu again. Slackware and Gentto are not probably the distros I need for my purposes....

    The truth is that I will try OpenSuSe a bit more. My bug report is being looked at. But if I don't get a moderately quick solution (suse 11.2 is expected to come out 9 months from now...too far away to wait for my audio to be fixed) and if I don't get help concerning wireless in debian, then I'll revert back to Ubuntu, unless someone suggest something better

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    If you wish to stick with Debian I guess you could try a rolling release cutting edge version like Mirrors :: :: debian based live cd development
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    Honestly, if Ubuntu was working pretty well for you, maybe you should stick with that while you continue to try out other distros. Failing that, be sure to check out the link rokytnji provided. Sidux is said to be pretty nice.

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    Ubuntu is based on Debian so if it works in one, it will work in another. In fact, if something works in on distro, it will work in another.

    What exactly is the problem you are having with the sound? If you really want Debian, it is best to stick it out as the problem can be solved.
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