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    Question Multi-distro LAMP setup

    Hi all. I did try to see if this was covered elsewhere before posting, but apologies if it has been / this is the wrong place to ask.

    I'm about to start setting up my laptop for LAMP development, for which a lightweight distro would be sufficient, as I don't need as much hand-holding as most I think (I prefer to learn stuff ). On the other hand I'm into multimedia too, so I'm thinking I'd like to install Ubuntu Studio[1] as well for content creation. I also wanna install Mint, partly to give it a whirl myself, partly to have something fairly sexy to show Windows users.

    Although ostensibly I'd have different distros for different usage patterns here, I could see myself e.g. booting up Studio to record a quick idea and then want to whip up a new web page to put it on. You get the idea - only having access to the webdev stack from one distro seems silly.

    What I'd like to know is: what's the best way to partition my (single) drive so that I can run Apache, my databases and scripting languages from all distros?

    I have 80-odd GB to play with. I'm also hoping to be able to access Thunderbird and Firefox the same from all distros and have all my mail & bookmarks there - that's not an issue for the server forum but it might be relevant to the way I set things up.

    Many thanks all

    [1] If anyone has any other recommendations for a Linux-based multimedia suite I'd be interested to hear? I know about Pure:dyne but it's only music to my knowledge.

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    I think you'll be alright with whichever distro you decide to use, the really is no one distro to avoid in my opinion.Ubuntu Studio is a good choice for Multimedia as is dyne:bolic. I'm not too sure about pure:dyne but dyne:bolic is for video/audio
    d y n e : b o l i c -- a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD
    I think you should keep in mind, that if you want to install multiple distros, then you can share /boot /home /swap and any mount point that will contain the multimedia files, with multiple distros. Just be sure to use a different login name for each distro, this will keep things simple.
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