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    Partitioning help for newbie

    Hi, im just about to install redHat linux 9 on my computer. This will be the first time I have really used linux so im a little unsure how it all works.

    I already have win xp on my comp and i would like to leave it on there, do i need to create a partition ready for linux before i install it or will it create one for me during installation? Also i cant see any free partitioning software on the internet at the moment? anyone know of anything i can download or is there something in built in xp these days?!

    The computer wont be connected to the internet for a few months so do I need to download anything else now apart from the 3 discs for setting up red hat?


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    you partition your drive during the installation.
    about needing more things from the internet:it depends what you're gonna want to do with your computer.what is it you'll be doing?

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    The partitioning, as lakerdonald says, will be done during the installation. Leave your win xp as it is. Start the installation of RH 9. When asked to partition, make at least two new partitions, a large partition which will be your root partition, whose filesystem is ext2 or ext3, where your linux will be installed and a small partition about 500 mb which will be your swap partition. This is the minimum you will have to make. ( win xp will stay on the first partition)
    Some people make a separate /boot partition for linux boot files but it is totally optional (I don't have one and I also dual boot win xp and RH 9). You can also make a separate small fat partition for data you want to exchange between linux and win xp.
    Do write about any other partition hassles or installation problems as I have the same dual boot system as you are planning.

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    thanks guys that was really helpful.

    i have other problems now!

    im in the process of burning my lovely new downloaded .iso images to cds.

    cd 2 burnt without hassle onto a cd rw..
    the problems start with the other two dics. i was using cd rs as i cudnt find any cd rws at the time! the files burn completely to 100% and then just as the disc is closing I get a writing error pop up saying error closing disc etc.

    any one got any clues?!


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    dont worry bout it guys.
    i fixed it... im now installing it!
    how exciting my first linux system!

    thanks again

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